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The Magic Of Vintage

Brighton love vintage and If you like your retro and vintage items too, shopping for the in Brighton is the thing to do.

Vintage clothes and accessories offer a magical fascination. The feel of the different materials between your fingers as you search the rails, the colours and the inspired design of times gone by, the musky smell of yesteryear. Put bluntly, shopping vintage is not just shopping, it’s an event. Therapy, even. There is something very reassuring and calming about nostalgia and touching things from a bygone age.

There’s the thrill of finding something unique. Something which is yours alone. You won’t walk down the street to see someone wearing the same coat when you’ve just found a fabulous faux fur in a little vintage boutique somewhere. There is the excitement of finding a bargain. Beautiful, very well made clothes of the past at a fraction of the price of buying something new. Labels from the past that aren’t made anymore. A small brooch from the past has a history which only you can imagine. Who has worn this before? Where has this brooch been? Where has it lain all these years before finding itself, here, now, in my hand? This handbag… what stories can it tell? Whose purse has been carefully placed in here before mine?

There is of course the argument that buying vintage is still buying into a certain look but I would argue it requires more imagination and allows for more creativity. Shopping for vintage clothes in little shops, visiting charity shops and vintage boot fairs is not shopping. It’s like an expedition to discover something special.

Vintage shopping can actually make you richer. Not only are items often cheaper but sometimes you can buy an item and then over time it becomes more collectible. In a few years if it doesn’t fit you can re-sell and see a return on your purchase. How many items from Zara or Next could do the same for you? Plus, buying vintage is Green. These good quality items clothes are not going off to some landfill site but are being given a new lease of life.

Vintage is not just for everyday wear either. Vintage wedding dresses and accessories can be stunning and are a fraction of the price of something new. Look out for Vintage Bridal Fairs. There’s one in Ralli Hall, Hove on February 3rd where you can find vintage bridal dresses, shoes and table accessories.

Brighton and Hove is an amazing place for vintage shopping. Not to be missed, every Sunday at the Corn exchange in Brighton there’s “Frock me!”. A vintage fashion fair from 11am to 5.30pm, in the heart of Brighton with over 70 fashion experts selling their hand-picked and re-worked wares.

In addition, here is a selection of some of the vintage shops in Brighton’s North Laine area but there are so many vintage and retro shops everywhere in Brighton and Hove you’ll probably find one round every corner.

  • Beyond Retro: A large warehouse-style store full of on-trend vintage garments
  • Bobby Sox Vintage: Hand picked vintage clothing and accessories
  • Dirty Harry: American style vintage clothes
  • Green Brick: Vintage labels from Chloe, Marc Jacobs etc
  • Hope and Harlequin: Vintage clothes and wedding dresses, evening wear, interior items
  • Immediate: Mod vintage, caters of Indie kids, punks
  • The Mod Shop: New clothes for the new Mod.
  • Loot: Two floors of vintage clothes for men and women plus home items
  • Snoopers Paradise: A definite must visit, huge emporium of clothes, furniture and vintage/retro items
  • Nanadobbie: Perfect if you love a 70’s/ Scandinavian look. Scandinavian ceramics/glass, 1970s furniture, industrial and upcycled .
  • Starfish: Vintage clothing from the 1940s onwards.
  • To Be Worn Again: Biggest vintage clothing shop in Brighton.
  • Tramp: Vintage boutique, classy vintage
  • Wolf and Gypsy: Vintage clothes and named Britain’s best vintage shop by Company magazine

Just a couple of pieces of advice for vintage shopping. Don’t look at the sizes! Remember people were often a lot smaller in the past. Also, just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s worth a fortune, so don’t be seduced by the presentation skills of those who are selling their wares!

Happy Vintage Hunting! See you there.

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