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The Best Unique Hen Night Themes

When we say dress up we mean it. Here are the best unique hen night themes

We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for the best looks out there so you can put the fancy in fancy dress and leave the sashes and the L Plates in the 1990’s where they belong!

Super Heroes

It sounds obvious but there are such a range of super heroes out there, old and new this one never gets old. Whether you want to be Batman or…. from Kick Ass all you need is an eBay account and some bright Lycra. The good thing with this one is that creative types can flourish while those less arty amongst us can buy an all in one and not have to spend any time making their outfit.

Bachelorette Party

This look is borrowed from our US hens across the pond – it is simply, effective and stylish and there are no cat ears in sight. Even better it’s not expensive to create as you’ll probably have all the bits already: all you need is a black pair of trousers, a blazer, black heels, a white shirt and a black tie. It’s smart, sophisticated and really effective.

Pop Stars Hen Party Theme

Film Stars

Get the girls to pick their favourite film star and then see what everybody comes up with. Give the hen first pick but don’t worry if there are a couple of Audrey Marilyn Monroe’s or Angelina Jolie’s; the main thing is that the hen stands out and then it’s funny to watch different interpretations of the same star. It will get everyone talking about you, too.

Literary Characters

The huge wealth of literary characters out there means you probably won’t get two of the same – visit a library (or amazon) for inspiration. From Alice in Wonderland to you can get ideas from books, comics or films. This one’s fun to research and come up with something really original.

Hen night pop stars theme


From Kylie to Gaga to Madonna this one’s a brilliant one to get ready to. Make sure you play all of the pop stars’ hits before you go out. If you’re feeling brave why not mix it up and mix up the genders? Or you could become David Bowie or Prince if you fancy a challenge. “Tonight Big Fat Weekends, I’m going to be….”

World Wide

Take your inspiration from the hen’s favourite country and all dress as something associated with that country. If it was Italy for example you could go as the Italian flag, a Venetian gondola (or boater) or Italian football player Balotelli….

Hen night theme years

Pick a Decade

Pick your favourite decade and dress accordingly: if it’s the 1990’s you could go as a Spice Girl, if it’s the 1960’s how about Twiggy? If you prefer the 1920’s go as a flapper. Or if it’s the 1980’s and you’re feeling brave why not go as rave culture? You might want to go as an object or a celebrity from that era. Think outside the box with this one…

Where’s Wally

This is a pretty modern phenomenon that we see round Brighton a fair bit but it never fails to leave an impression. Like the dress this one won’t break the bank. You just need a red hat, red stripey top and a pair of oversized glasses – oh and some drawn on freckles of course.


This one’s great for variety and it’s funny to guess what everyone is. If the hen’s name is Rachel all go as something beginning with ‘R’ – rabbit, roller-coaster, red, Rolex…. A dictionary will come in pretty handy with this one.

Our Brighton Hen and Stag Weekend Blog aims to feature helpful insights so that you 'last night of freedom' is the best possible. It is after all a milestone in your life to be celebrated. Here you will find interesting stories from hens and stags that have gone before you. Tips and tricks on planning the perfect hen weekend or stag party and what interesting an wonderful things are happening in the city of Brighton.

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